Showtime Championship Boxing Insert GFX packaging 2017 Rebrand

In the fall of 2016, Showtime Sports wanted to rebrand its current insert gfx packaging system for Championship boxing to give viewers a more refined, polished look that matched the quality and caliber of boxing talent on the network.
We hired Drive Studio with the task to design a integrated insert system that incorporated a new take on the animated display of clock and round by round with stats as well as green screen motion and 3D capability with fight matchup and tale of the tape graphics. The entire project spanned across 6 months. The packaging launched on Jan 28, 2017 debuting the new look.

My role was to act as head liaison with Drive Studio and supply them with the itemized list of elements that needed to be created and guide them thru the creative and technical execution, timelines and approvals of the project to make the launch date. I provided guidance on how certain graphics elements could function and animate on a live background environment and what our capabilities and limitations were when customizing packaging on site for each event.