Showtime Sports Video Reel

As a creative media professional with extensive experience in promotion and production on multiple platforms; Showtime Sports Creative Services has added to my versatile background of expertise. I have been able to work with departments internally, external agencies, partners such as the fight promoters and popular product sponsors. My range of production management and creative strategy extends across branding, live event production, event campaign promotion and sports doc-series production and post-production. The video reel enclosed is something I produced to show the diverse range of production and creative that I collaborate on and managed over the past five years.

My creative, organizational and technical skill sets have allowed me to strengthen and execute successful campaigns. Attention to detail, problem solving while adhering to tight deadlines and budget constraints are just some examples of how I effectively conduct my role on every project; no matter how big or small.
Listed below are exemplary highlights of my passion for teamwork and success in achieving great results. My progressive mind-set, problem-solving skills, strong decision making ability, and effective follow through are the culmination of my career achievements.

* Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Director of Production and Coordinating Producer for the record-breaking PPV campaign and live event dubbed the “Fight of the Century” that generated over 4.4 million PPV buys and a revenue of over $400 million.

*Three Sports Emmy® Award Wins as an Operations Producer and Supervising Producer for All Access doc-series.

*Played integral role in production and execution of multi-million dollar SHOWTIME sports series and Boxing campaigns as well as live televised SHOWTIME PPV events.