Interactive Photo booth

My Role:
I played the role of managing the project itself as point person from a production and project management standpoint. I was also involved in pitching ideas for new series to feature within the booth, I collaborated on the creation of the user interface, and pitched to other internal marketing departments the idea and technology which fueled the photo booth’s popularity and success and generated interest and excitement.

Photo Booth Description:

Showtime’s interactive Photo booth is a custom software/hardware innovative brand solution that allows fans of Showtime hit series to take pictures of themselves in different series environments. Touchscreen and green screen technology allows the user to be super-imposed between a designed graphic foreground and background of our popular series such as Dexter, Weeds, Homeland and much more. Once done, users can select the desired images, and email them in real time to themselves or their friends, or even share them on facebook. Our collaboration on this was with Monster Media; the developer of this technology became a big hit.
Since the launch of the photo booth in late April 2011, we’ve been mentioned in the press and have had over 400,000 users to date at the MGM location. The execution of this particular piece did not just get used as a one-off to promote Showtime programming and gain subscribers, its popularity has proven its staying power. It is updated quarterly with new programming, and repurposed for larger venues and functions to create awareness and excitement for the showtime brand and programming.

Showtime TV City Photo Booth

Structure/User photos/User email